About Sew Crazi

I am a wife, and mother of two sons and two fur baby girls. My hubby and I own a hydroponic garden center, which takes up most of our time. We started this business together out of necessity and his love of hydroponics.

All of my life I have loved art. Any time there was ever a pen or pencil in my hand, I had the need to doodle/scribble. While on vacation at the lake as a child, I would sit at the end of the dock, watch the sun set, and draw. During my high school years, Art was my passion, although I never felt my work was good enough. “Comparison is the thief of joy,” is a true statement. Comparing myself to others prevented me from doing many things as a teenager and as a young adult. My love of art was put on the back burner and I would occasionally pull out my art tools and dabble. Life took over. Kids happened, and I threw my whole being into my boys. They continue to be my world. I am remarried now to a wonderful, supportive husband. His support has refueled the fire within me for art.  BUT….I now have a new medium of choice…fabric and thread!

First, let me rewind a year or two….Desiring to do something with my evening time (besides cleaning), I learned to crochet. I mastered it quickly and became bored. I made several nice afghans, beanies, etc. My next crafty project allowed me to pull out my art pad. Last July, I discovered this thing called zentangling. Boy did it get my creative juices flowing. I loved it and wanted more. While dabbling with that, I visited a local craft store to buy some art supplies. They carry a wide variety of supplies as well as…any guesses?…sewing machines, fabric, and notions. Learning to sew was my next mission. In August 2015, with my husband by my side encouraging me, we purchased a “really nice” sewing machine. Now that this Maserati is sitting on my dining room table, I must use this thing. After all, it was a small car payment each month. Since I was a complete newbie who called the foot pedal a presser foot, I signed up for a sewing class at the same store. I anxiously waited for a call to let me know when enough people would join the class so we could begin. Meanwhile, I searched the web, purchased books, took online Craftsy classes….I was determined. During homeschooling when my boys were content (yes, I homeschool too), I was studying. When the time arrived to take the sewing class, I had already made a simple bag or two, but Pinterest posts of quilts were catching my attention. When I finished the sewing class, I inquired about their quilting class. While showing the quilting instructor the quilts I wanted to make and the projects I had made so far, she told me there was nothing she could teach me. Flattered, but frustrated…I submersed myself with learning to sew and quilt. (The main photo on my home page is the back side of my very first quilt.) The zentangling experience and every other experience with art I have had up to this point, will ALL completely transfer into quilting. It is amazing how things work out.  If only we knew then what we know now ey?

Sewing is my therapy, my zone, my addiction. It allows my creative juices to flow from so many directions. Designing quilts and putting them together is/will be so rewarding. This is my journey, my purpose. I am sharing it because I know there are others out there with the same passion, the same longing desire that has yet to be filled. If you want it, go for it. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just do it. Never stop learning.


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