I’m a Cover Girl!!!

Nope…not that kind…this kind!…


In April 2016, I had designed two quilts using EQ7. With no expectations at all, I submitted them to Modern Quilts Unlimited. Less than a month after that, I received an email…my Lemon Drops quilt was accepted! Then it hit me…I have absolutely no clue how to write a pattern. I had just learned to sew in August 2015. What was I thinking?! I know I can make the quilt, but…will it be good enough? Oh the self doubt and inner critic hit me hard. I put the whole project to the side for several months. My inner critic can be my worst enemy. Procrastination sets in..then I really stress because time doesn’t slow down for ya! Any who…I finally faced my fears. While piecing the quilt, I took notes for the pattern. Hmmm…I may be able to do this. As I quilted it, my inner critic kept telling me, “they will laugh at this work”….”Your lines aren’t perfectly straight”…On and on. Pushing forward, I finished it, mailed it to the editor…and I waited. I waited for the emails and/or phone calls that would tell me how horrible it was…or what I had missed….and nothing. No calls. No news is good news, right? I think it was February 2017, the editor, Laurie, called me…with good news! Not only was my quilt going to be in the magazine, it was chosen for the cover!! Over the moon ecstatic!! I couldn’t believe it! One thing I’m learning, and have to keep telling myself is to just do it! What is the worst thing that could happen? If you don’t ever try, you will live with regrets. Sometimes….a lot of the time…we all need to tell our inner critic to shut up! Maybe one day…I will learn how to do just that. πŸ˜‰ Until next time…happy sewing, happy creating…never stop learning.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Cover Girl!!!”

  1. Your quilt looks great on the cover! I know what you mean about the self doubt. I’m starting to look more and more at quilts I see in shows and I’m realizing that yes we are our own worst critics and I could enter my quilts into shows because really none of us is perfect.

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