Watercolor LUV!!

Sewing….has taken a back burner. I absolutely love the process, and I still take time to pull my machine out occasionally. But, because house renovations are taking a bit of time, space and location is an issue. To satisfy my creative needs, I have started art journaling. This past August is when I created my first entry. Most of the time, everyday, I find time to doodle, to art, to create something in one of my journals. Yes…I have several. When I first began to journal, I watched endless YouTube videos and thought, “what in the world do they have so many journals for?” Now I am one of those. Haha. The smell of a new notebook, of a leather cover…yum! The feel of the paper, the sound of the crinkle some of them make when add watercolor to it…makes me happy. I tried adding acrylic to some of the pages, and I love it, but…the space I needed to break out the acrylics made it inconvenient. So…I tried watercolors. Holy moly, am I addicted to watercolors?! At first, it was just convenient. A travel palette with a water brush and a journal, or two (or three), made it uber easy for me to use in the recliner or at my desk at work. The more I play with them, the more I learn and the more excited about them I become. Mixing colors and working with a limited palette is one thing I am playing with now. And…painting whimsy characters and faces!! I am just addicted I tell ya! My family should be loosing weight now, cause I sure ain’t cooking as much! LOL

Here are a couple of my whimsy girls. These are in a cheap grid notebook (Miguel Rius-you can get for $9.95 at Barnes and Noble) that handles the watercolor pretty well. Part of the techniques and ideas used in these were learned from an online class I took under the instruction of Danielle Donaldson, whose work I absolutely adore. She is a wonderful instructor and I HIGHLY recommend her courses. If only I could take one of her “in person” classes!!


This one is of my mom at her birthday dinner this past November. ❤️ If you squint your eyes, or stand back to look at it, you can see her better. 😉


One last one…this was a favorite of mine from December. Almost trashing this one several times, I pushed through my frustrations. It came out ok I think. 😉


None of my work is perfect, or where I want it to be. BUT….I absolutely love the process. I love learning, discovering, and having those ah-hah moments. Until our house is finished, who knows when that will be, I will continue to art. I am positive I will fall deeper in love with watercolors and need an even bigger space by then. Sewing, I still love it! Will make time for it soon, and guess what???…..Shhhh! I have a secret!! The only hint I can give you is the word “Spring.” More info coming soon…..

Until next time,

Pam  xo

4 thoughts on “Watercolor LUV!!”

  1. Pamela, I have been following you on Instagram for about a year or so and absolutely LOVE your work! I think we were in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers together. It is clear to me that art is your first love. And you are CRAZY GOOD at it! I look at this Grinch picture you made and can only shake my head when you said it was only “ok”. This picture is excellent! You are waaaaay too hard on yourself. You said it yourself that comparison is the thief of joy. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself and if you aren’t continually learning and exploring new things (which you are), THEN you can start criticizing. I think it’s time to kick that inner critic to the curb. Tell me, are you pursuing any kind of marketing with your designs? You have a definite style that is so sweet. Do you have a blog showing your art? Or just Instagram?


    1. Hi Janice!! Thank you for such kind words!! I’m not pursuing any kind of marketing with my art, and really wouldn’t know where to begin. As for blogging showing my art, your timing is ironic, as I have been thinking about it, and wanted to continue on this page. When I began this blog, I was sewing (hence the name)…and in love with it…I still am, but don’t have the time. I have even debated on changing my Instagram name and website to reflect art and creating, not just sewing. Thank you again for your encouraging kind words. Much love, Pam


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