Watercolor LUV!!

Sewing….has taken a back burner. I absolutely love the process, and I still take time to pull my machine out occasionally. But, because house renovations are taking a bit of time, space and location is an issue. To satisfy my creative needs, I have started art journaling. This past August is when I created my first entry. Most of the time, everyday, I find time to doodle, to art, to create something in one of my journals. Yes…I have several. When I first began to journal, I watched endless YouTube videos and thought, “what in the world do they have so many journals for?” Now I am one of those. Haha. The smell of a new notebook, of a leather cover…yum! The feel of the paper, the sound of the crinkle some of them make when add watercolor to it…makes me happy. I tried adding acrylic to some of the pages, and I love it, but…the space I needed to break out the acrylics made it inconvenient. So…I tried watercolors. Holy moly, am I addicted to watercolors?! At first, it was just convenient. A travel palette with a water brush and a journal, or two (or three), made it uber easy for me to use in the recliner or at my desk at work. The more I play with them, the more I learn and the more excited about them I become. Mixing colors and working with a limited palette is one thing I am playing with now. And…painting whimsy characters and faces!! I am just addicted I tell ya! My family should be loosing weight now, cause I sure ain’t cooking as much! LOL

Here are a couple of my whimsy girls. These are in a cheap grid notebook (Miguel Rius-you can get for $9.95 at Barnes and Noble) that handles the watercolor pretty well. Part of the techniques and ideas used in these were learned from an online class I took under the instruction of Danielle Donaldson, whose work I absolutely adore. She is a wonderful instructor and I HIGHLY recommend her courses. If only I could take one of her “in person” classes!!


This one is of my mom at her birthday dinner this past November. ❤️ If you squint your eyes, or stand back to look at it, you can see her better. 😉


One last one…this was a favorite of mine from December. Almost trashing this one several times, I pushed through my frustrations. It came out ok I think. 😉


None of my work is perfect, or where I want it to be. BUT….I absolutely love the process. I love learning, discovering, and having those ah-hah moments. Until our house is finished, who knows when that will be, I will continue to art. I am positive I will fall deeper in love with watercolors and need an even bigger space by then. Sewing, I still love it! Will make time for it soon, and guess what???…..Shhhh! I have a secret!! The only hint I can give you is the word “Spring.” More info coming soon…..

Until next time,

Pam  xo