Buh Bye October!!

October was a doozie for me to say the least. I think I may have sewn one day last month on a project I have to finish this month. Other than that, Pearl stayed covered. At one time, I thought we may have to take Pearl from her resting place, pack her up and head for higher grounds. The last week of September, my town was soaked by 10 inches of rain. On Saturday, the 8th of October, hurricane Matthew came through and dumped another 15 inches!! Once the rain finally slowed up that evening, my hubby and oldest son, in very light weight attire, rushed to get some gasoline. Little did they know, the water would rise so fast. They were not able to find any open pathways into our home, and had to sleep in the office of our store. That was a huge inconvenience, but….no complaints here. Many people not far from us lost everything, some lost their lives. We were fortunate to say the least.

The surgery that I mentioned in my last post..yep, that happened. My youngest son went through sinus surgery. It took the surgeon twice as long as expected. As any mom can imagine, I was a wreck. Any who…he is fine and loves the fact that he can now breath and smell again. Allergy testing will begin for him soon.

The end of the month approached, and I looked forward to November. On the 28th, as we were getting ready to close our store, we heard a motorcycle engine rev up (as if he had clutched in) and then boom! The most horrific sound that we are too familiar with. A car pulled out in front of a 25 year old motorcyclist. My hubby and I rushed to him, as I called 911. People were already standing around him, wondering what to do..should we move him? We certainly didn’t want to hurt him anymore than he already was. The dispatcher directed us on what to do. Long story short, the young man didn’t make it. The sights, the smells, the sounds…it all haunts me. We discovered he was an only child which makes my hear ache even more so.

One word that sums up October for me would be “think.” Life is too short. The song by Meghan Trainor, “Like I’m Gonna Loose You,” is stuck on repeat. This painting came from these thoughts…


If all of these negative events cause me to think…think before I speak…think before I act…think of how my actions and/or words will impact others…maybe something good came from October after all. Now…to put those positive thoughts into actions….

Much love ❤


5 thoughts on “Buh Bye October!!”

      1. Thanks Pamela, All is well with me. The past two weeks have been such a snooze for me too. I am only just recovering from a silly infection and haven’t done any meaningful work in that time but I am hopeful for a better November too. Thanks for the wishes

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