Creating Much Lately?

I can’t believe two months have zoomed by since my last post!! Time stands still for no one and flies by! Prepping for another year of homeschooling, running our business, and remodeling parts of our home have really zapped my time. On top of it all, both of my sons have had doctors appointments lately and surgery was mentioned for each. Minor surgeries, but still heartbreaking and stressful for a mom. 🙁

Creating something everyday is my goal, it is my therapy. With my alarm set for 6:30, (unless the snooze is smacked) before everyone else is forced out of bed, I put coffee on to brew, and get out my sketchbooks/journals. Sewing, takes a back seat because it is such a chore to set up. Once our renovation’s are complete, I will have a permanent studio where I can sew, quilt, paint, and create my eyeballs out!! So…until I make time to sew…I will share my other creative projects with you. The two following photos were created following an online class that I am taking called Lifebook 2016. The one on the left is acrylics on canvas. My altered art journal was used for the watercolor painting on the right.

While watching a youtube video recently, a book was mentioned that I had to look into. Surprisingly, my local library happened to have it. After checking it out twice, I had to purchase a copy for myself.


This book is fabulous! I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to learn to draw, to silence the left analytical side of your brain, this book if for you!! The methods taught in this book allowed me to create like I never thought possible. It makes me want more!! Here is one of the projects I worked on from this book. It is perfectly imperfect, and I love learning and growing.


My passion is art. Whether it is with paint, ink, acrylics, fabric or thread, it makes my heart leap with joy. Discovering art journaling has enabled me to play without pressure from myself. It isn’t easy…but I am trying really hard to play, to have fun, to just BE!!


A few art journals I have started. 

I hope you all have a great creative week!



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