Onesie/T-Shirt Quilt and Procrastination


Oh, the onesie quilt. Just a warning, this may be a sour puss blog. As much as I LOVE sewing/creating, the onesie quilt…Let me just say, I have procrastinated more on this project than any project ever. The fear of ruining or disappointing the owner of this quilt has caused so much stress and procrastination. Do you guys have projects that you just dread? ย I began cutting and prepping all of the onesie’s and t-shirts in mid May. Piecing this quilt was finally finished in mid June.


I first sewed the rows together and then sewed sashing strips between each.

Here is the finished quilt top:


It came out much better than I thought. The owner loved the photo I sent to her. Now the dreaded quilting. I promise y’all I usually am not such a sour puss towards sewing. That is my zen, my therapy, but I may need therapy when this one is done! lol With quilt sandwiches mounted on my long arm, I have been determined to quilt this one on it. I decided on a meandering pattern, so I could wander around on this thing and avoid any thick seams. Haha! Here is a practice photo of a scrap piece:


And what do ya know?! As soon as I loaded the onesie quilt, the thread keeps breaking!! I have rethreaded, used a different thread, checked the bobbin, changed the needle, played with the tension (eek!), and I have no clue what to do.ย I surely do not want to take this thing off, rip the basting stitches out, cry, and quilt it on my domestic machine. So…it will stay on the machine for a bit until I figure this one out. While I keep having my pity party, I will enjoy my other creative outlet, my art journaling. Here are some pics of my recent play time. ๐Ÿ˜‰




Hope you all have a fabulous week!

xo Pam

4 thoughts on “Onesie/T-Shirt Quilt and Procrastination”

  1. I am working in a t shirt quilt (my first) that has seen its share of procrastination. I am quilting on my little domestic machine, and its not easy. Some of the shirts have a lot of ‘ink’ on them…kind of a rubbery decal/design. The needle does not like these spots. I had a heck of a time today, and am dreading tomorrow. I have 10 days to get it done…uuuugh. Good Luck to you! We can do this!!!iz


    1. Good luck to you too Tami!! Mine has a few “inky” spots and embroidered iron on’s that are thick. I plan on wandering around those if I can. A techy guy is supposed to be coming by to help with my machine. Fingers crossed. Be sure to share pics when you are finished. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope things go smoothly for you tomorrow.


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