My First Longarm Experience

Hi guys!! I am so excited. So many emotions ran through me this past weekend. First of all a tech guy came out and serviced my longarm machine. I learned so much from him. If any of you live in NC, or surrounding states, and own a Gammill, Jerry from Threads Run Through It Quilt Shop in VA, will be of great assistance. I can’t thank the owner, Lori, enough for all her help over the phone. My experience with them surpassed my expectations.

Now for the fun stuff…I quilted my very first quilt on my longarm!!! After prepping my machine, and making sure I had some bobbins wound, I turned it on. I pulled the bobbin thread to the top…..and put my hands on the bars….and just stood there. 😳 So nervous, scared, anxious, and excited at the same time.  My very first t-shirt/onesie quilt was under the needle. That added to the stress level. I stood there for what felt like minutes, but I’m sure it was for seconds. Maybe not? lol I pressed the button on the right of my machine. There was no turning back now. HOLY COW!!! It sewed like a champ. That first row loosened my nerves up a bit. It was a total learning experience. I decided to do a meandering pattern, because it seemed the easiest. And guess what?! I had zero, ZERO thread breaks. When approaching thicker seams, I probably held my breath, and she plowed right through with now hesitation!

This is a photo of the quilt loaded. I am missing one canvas to pin the top to, so I floated the top. And…totally ignore the room its in. Our house is in the middle of a remodel, and that is…well, another blog story. lolIMG_6298

The next photo is of the quilt on the frame as I was sewing.


And…the back. I used grey and navy fabric on the back.


It was a learning experience that caused much more stress than I ever expected. To sew through someone else’s baby clothes, knowing there is no replacement, was the worst for me. I am my own worst critic and couldn’t bare the thought of totally screwing up someone else’s memories. BUT…it’s all good. I made it. I loved it. One phrase I heard from an art teacher this week that struck a cord with me, and one that I am going to try to live by is, “It may not be perfect, but perfect is no fun anyway.”

Here is a photo of the finished (63″ x 45″) quilt:IMG_6306

My next project will be to quilt this quilt top I made (blogged about in a previous post) a while back.


I was waiting to quilt it on the longarm. Now I am puzzled as to how it needs to be quilted. If you guys have any ideas, throw them my way. Keep in mind, I am a newbie. Plus all the colors on this quilt have patterns in them. 😉

Hope you all have a fabulous week.



Onesie/T-Shirt Quilt and Procrastination


Oh, the onesie quilt. Just a warning, this may be a sour puss blog. As much as I LOVE sewing/creating, the onesie quilt…Let me just say, I have procrastinated more on this project than any project ever. The fear of ruining or disappointing the owner of this quilt has caused so much stress and procrastination. Do you guys have projects that you just dread?  I began cutting and prepping all of the onesie’s and t-shirts in mid May. Piecing this quilt was finally finished in mid June.


I first sewed the rows together and then sewed sashing strips between each.

Here is the finished quilt top:


It came out much better than I thought. The owner loved the photo I sent to her. Now the dreaded quilting. I promise y’all I usually am not such a sour puss towards sewing. That is my zen, my therapy, but I may need therapy when this one is done! lol With quilt sandwiches mounted on my long arm, I have been determined to quilt this one on it. I decided on a meandering pattern, so I could wander around on this thing and avoid any thick seams. Haha! Here is a practice photo of a scrap piece:


And what do ya know?! As soon as I loaded the onesie quilt, the thread keeps breaking!! I have rethreaded, used a different thread, checked the bobbin, changed the needle, played with the tension (eek!), and I have no clue what to do. I surely do not want to take this thing off, rip the basting stitches out, cry, and quilt it on my domestic machine. So…it will stay on the machine for a bit until I figure this one out. While I keep having my pity party, I will enjoy my other creative outlet, my art journaling. Here are some pics of my recent play time. 😉




Hope you all have a fabulous week!

xo Pam