The Beginning of an Addiction

Because I have had no time to sew over the last couple of weeks, I thought I would share with you some of my very first sewing projects. Last August is when I purchased my first sewing machine and learned to sew. Looking back, I realize how ambitious I was. When you are a newbie, full of excitement and eager to learn, there is nothing you can’t do. For me at least, not knowing the rules helped me to approach sewing fearlessly. The fourth thing I made is a Bionic Gear Bag. (The pattern is found on Craftsy.) Holy moly! What the heck was I thinking?? This is not a newbie project. lol It took me a whole day to make!


The binding was the most difficult thing for me sew on because there was so much bulk on the sides.

My first quilt was made soon after. The pattern I followed had an on point layout and I changed it to a horizontal layout. On point would have been awesome, but the triangles that would’ve been around the edges of the quilt intimidated me. Here are the cut pieces:


On this next photo, I am sewing together the rows I pieced together. My brave self! I had no clue!! lol


Ahhh! The finished quilt!


Even though I used no glue to glue baste, it came out great. The rows are stitched together horizontally and some of the vertical rows were a bit off, but I was tickled pink. Binding was sewn on with a machine. I haven’t attempted to hand stitch binding on yet, but from viewing everyone else’s beautiful quilts, I may need to give it a go. One of the next things I made was a double oven mitt.


I found a tutorial on Youtube for this on Crafty Gemini Creates‘ channel. This worked up really fast and I made a few of these for Christmas gifts. The next quilt I made was a chevron pattern. Totally clueless me, I made this baby sized quilt without squaring up any of the half square triangles. I still love the way it came out.


Since last August, my creative world has been flipped, turned upside down. (Fresh Prince anyone? Haha!) Whether I have time to sew or not, I am doodling, painting, drawing, or educating myself about all things artsy craftsy. I feel most alive when I am creating! The day for our house remodeling to be complete cannot get here fast enough. Besides more room for the entire family, I will have a craft space that my machine can stay out to play, and my art supplies will be at arms reach. Until then…




6 thoughts on “The Beginning of an Addiction”

  1. Interesting! I find binding easier to sew on by hand than by machine. When trying to sew by machine, it often doesn’t look as good or straight on the back side. Or I find the binding doesn’t get caught in the sewing. So I prefer to hand sew the binding.


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