Let’s Make a Throw Pillow Sham

Hi guys!! Did you participate in our blog hop last week? I enjoyed reading others’ blogs and appreciate all of you who read and commented on my blog. Any who…school is out!! Yay!! We will have a short summer because we plan on schooling year round….so I have been playing and enjoying my zen time. Get ready for some photos! I am a visual learner. 😉 Yesterday I made this beauty:


Front⬆️                    Back⬇️


Someone on a Facebook page commented on the dog ears, and I truly don’t mind my perfectly imperfect pillow sham. If I stuff it with a denser pillow, it will fill it out much nicer I believe. Using the quilt as you go method by Maureen Cracknell made this so much fun. Here are some photos of my progress:

I decided on these lovely fabrics by Amy Butler. Trimming all of the pieces to 2 1/2 inches, I then cut and prepped my batting.

Starting from the drawn line, I sewed them using 1/4 inch seam allowance, and pressing after each new piece was sewn. See the pins?? Yes I did. 😉 Using pins with the layer of batting beneath the fabric, alone with my walking foot, made everything stay in place nicely. Above is a photo of the first finished block before trimming.

After trimming the finished blocks, I sewed them together and pressed the seams as flat as possible. I didn’t pin at the points as usual, and guess what? All that prep work paid off. See the next photo below. 😉


The finished pillow top. You will also see color variations in my photos due to photos being taken inside and this one was taken outside. It really does make a difference. The backing, photo below shows two pieces overlapping each other as they will be placed on the back. Both pieces were binded to finish the edges.


Onto the dreaded binding. I think you either love or hate binding. While hate is a strong word, it is my most dreaded part of the process.

The two photos to the right are where I tried my first go at hand stitching binding. The top photo was a whip stitch. I wasn’t pleased with how it looked and changed it to a ladder stitch. Hat’s off to all you guys who love hand stitching! Guess I am a more speedy gal and don’t have the patience for it. lol All in all, I was tickled pink with how it turned out. I will look for a denser pillow to fill it as I am sure it will look much nicer.

Someone this past week wanted an update on my mixed media piece that I shared last week. I did finish it this week, and it looks much different. The colors on the original (see last blog post) just were not me. I named it Tater Tater! My mom said it looks like potatoes and you will see why. Haha! That’s is what is so wonderful about art. Everyone sees something different. Do you see tater’s too? (Just to let you know I was thinking river rocks when I painted the circular shapes.)


There is one more artsy piece I will share with you this week. I took a piece of junk mail and made this fly away girl. She’s my favorite of my girls so far. 😉 You can tell I have enjoyed all of my family sleeping in since school has been out.



I hope you all have a fabulous week!! I am off to catch up on my co bloggers’ blog hop!



2016 New Quilters Blog Hop

Welcome everyone to my blog! My name is Pam and this is the first time I have ever participated in a blog hop….so hold on! First of all, many thanks to Yvonne @QuiltingJetgirl, Cheryl @MeadowMistDesigns, and Stephanie @LateNightQuilter for hosting this blog hop. I am already learning so much. 😉

My blog is really new…as in March 31, 2016 new. Am I the newbie of newbies? My purpose for blogging is to meet new people with like interests, to share things I have learned, and to archive my work.

A Little Background

The earliest memories of sewing I have are of my maternal grandmother. I can remember the sound of the crunch her scissors would make as she cut through her fabric laying across her dining room table. She would quickly get to a stopping point, and put everything away. I was always curious, always wanted to see more, but I totally understand why she would put things away. My paternal grandmother had a Singer treadle sewing machine. I never witnessed her using it, but it sure pinched my fingers a time or two when I would play with it to see how fast I could make it go. Until this past August, that was it. That was all I knew about sewing. After my flame and passion for art was reignited this past year, I wanted to learn how to use a new medium…fabric and thread! Taking an intro to sewing class taught me several things, how to use my machine, and there is a reason I am a hermit. Learning in a classroom setting is not for me. I do better at home with my computer (pause and rewind are my favorite!), books, and hands on. The three projects I made in that class are by far my worst creations so far. Not because the instruction or material was not good, but because my attention span and focus abilities is like Dory on Nemo.

Blogging Tips

Now that’s funny. Sorry, but I am of no help here. I still have issues with codes, buttons…

Facts About Me

  • I homeschool my two boys (13 & 15 yrs old).
  • My hubby and I own a small retail business….rerouting….a small retail business owns my hubby and I.
  • We own a pitbull (sweetest girl ever) and a chihuahua (her name is Gabby, but we sometimes call her Gabzilla).
  • I love to cook (and eat too!)
  • I have never been on a plane. 😳
  • When I don’t have the time to sew, I love to draw, paint, or doodle. Calligraphy has been on my to learn list. Man I am all over the place! Told you I was Dory-ish. lol
  • My hubby and I both own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I am a motorcycle momma too! (It’s much more fun to drive than to ride.) lol
  • I love learning!


Found some time to play (learn) this week on my new to me long arm machine. 


A mixed media art piece I started on this week. Not sure where it is going yet. 🙂

Quilting Tips

The better you prep, the better the quilt. I always use two or three rulers to square up my fabric. It could just be that I am also OCD, but..it works for me. Also, don’t be afraid of the walking foot. It can be your best friend. And last but not least, glue basting rocks! (Unless you like to press seams open.) Ha!

All in all, I am one busy wife & momma. Schooling in the mornings, then off to the store I go to do paperwork, orders, blah, blah, home to cook, clean, etc. Finding time to create anything can be a challenge, but one I have started making time for. My house is messier than it has ever been, and I am trying to be ok with that.

Thank you all for taking time to read my blog. I hope it isn’t too difficult to read ’cause I write and type as I speak, with a southern accent y’all! Please show some love to the other bloggers’ pages in my group this week:

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The Beginning of an Addiction

Because I have had no time to sew over the last couple of weeks, I thought I would share with you some of my very first sewing projects. Last August is when I purchased my first sewing machine and learned to sew. Looking back, I realize how ambitious I was. When you are a newbie, full of excitement and eager to learn, there is nothing you can’t do. For me at least, not knowing the rules helped me to approach sewing fearlessly. The fourth thing I made is a Bionic Gear Bag. (The pattern is found on Craftsy.) Holy moly! What the heck was I thinking?? This is not a newbie project. lol It took me a whole day to make!


The binding was the most difficult thing for me sew on because there was so much bulk on the sides.

My first quilt was made soon after. The pattern I followed had an on point layout and I changed it to a horizontal layout. On point would have been awesome, but the triangles that would’ve been around the edges of the quilt intimidated me. Here are the cut pieces:


On this next photo, I am sewing together the rows I pieced together. My brave self! I had no clue!! lol


Ahhh! The finished quilt!


Even though I used no glue to glue baste, it came out great. The rows are stitched together horizontally and some of the vertical rows were a bit off, but I was tickled pink. Binding was sewn on with a machine. I haven’t attempted to hand stitch binding on yet, but from viewing everyone else’s beautiful quilts, I may need to give it a go. One of the next things I made was a double oven mitt.


I found a tutorial on Youtube for this on Crafty Gemini Creates‘ channel. This worked up really fast and I made a few of these for Christmas gifts. The next quilt I made was a chevron pattern. Totally clueless me, I made this baby sized quilt without squaring up any of the half square triangles. I still love the way it came out.


Since last August, my creative world has been flipped, turned upside down. (Fresh Prince anyone? Haha!) Whether I have time to sew or not, I am doodling, painting, drawing, or educating myself about all things artsy craftsy. I feel most alive when I am creating! The day for our house remodeling to be complete cannot get here fast enough. Besides more room for the entire family, I will have a craft space that my machine can stay out to play, and my art supplies will be at arms reach. Until then…