Drunkard’s Path…What a Hoot!

Drunkard’s path blocks are one of my favorite blocks to use. They give a quilt curves and movement. At the same time, they can be a pain in the patootie for me to sew.

The first time I tried curves/circles, I used Cristy’s piec-lique method. It was scary and intimidating, but once conquered I was hooked on curves. The next time I tried drunkard’s paths blocks, I attacked it and didn’t use any glue or pins…”I got this!” Using templates, I cut the fabric and just went with it. It worked! Now…I am superwoman. Ha!

This week, while doodling on graph paper, I designed an owl quilt (she still needs a name) using using these blocks that I adore. So excited, I printed out some templates using EQ7. With the intention of this being a mini quilt, I had to change the original 4″ finished block size to a 2″. No problem, I thought. Now to cut & prep the fabric. Cutting was a challenge, but I managed.


With my superwoman skills, I began piecing these blocks together without pinning. Nothing seemed to line up, the edges of template A seemed to be too short. I stitched, ripped stitches, stressed, cussed, threw away the superwoman outfit, gave up, and came back the next day. (I really thought of chunking it all in the scrap pile.) This time, I brought my pins with me.



After successfully sewing a couple of blocks together together, I pinned the rest of the curves together.


I pressed the blocks and sewed them together row by row. Because I was on a roll, I didn’t think to get pictures of the finished blocks. Next, I glue basted the rows together, stitched, and bam! My vision has come together, finally!

Some things I learned from this mini: I don’t like smaller curves as much as the larger ones, pins can be your friends, coffee and rest are even greater friends.


Here is my finished mini quilt top. It measures about 16″ x 22″. The original plan for 4″ finished blocks would have been 34″x 46″.


If anyone is interested in this pattern, let me know. I am actually working on my first pattern (another project) and would love some constructive criticism. For now, the onesie quilt I began last weekend is begging to be pieced.

Wish me luck!! ~Pam

10 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path…What a Hoot!”

  1. Very cute project! I’d be up for pattern testing or proofing if/when the time comes. Also, Cheryl did a Pattern writing series on her block a few months back. Its a really good resource if you haven’t checked it out yet. Happy pattern writing!


    1. Thank you! I hope to have the pattern ready soon. Cheryl’s pattern writing series is s wonderful resource. I will definitely be in contact with you regarding proofing/testing. 😉 Thanks again! Pam


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