Onesie Quilt Anyone?

Sewing therapy was a must for me this past weekend.  With a couple of to do’s on my list, I decided to begin a project for a friend…a onesie quilt. Cutting up these memories made it difficult for me start. What if I make a mistake and ruin her baby clothes & precious memories?? This struggle was the reason for my procrastination on this project. Usually I can’t wait to start on a project. For this quilt,  I decided on making all  rectangular shapes… the same length, but different widths. This made it a little easier since the sizes of the outfits varied and were worn from birth to one year. A variety of fabrics made it a bit tricky applying stabilizer (I used Pellon Fusible 911FF), but I managed. To any of you who have made onesie/t-shirt quilts…what requirements do you ask of your clients?  Anywho…I began prepping fabric, and prepped some more.


Took a break, cause poochie’s sixth sense said I needed one. lol


And prepped some more:


Although I did not finish prepping or have time to sew, it was a productive weekend.  Thinking of sewing these pieces together still causes a bit of fear because the seams will be thicker than the usual quilting cotton fabrics… but I will tackle it. It may teach me a lesson, but I will conquer this beast!

Before I go…I have one more thing to share. EXCITING news!!! A local quilter found that she likes piecing quilts more than she likes quilting and sold me her quilting machine. The space I have to put her in is a work in process (as you can see in the photos).  When we finish renovations, I will be able to play. For now, she sits…and waits….


Hope you all are having a fantastic week!


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