Learning Curves

After watching different webinars and listening to different podcasts recently, I decided to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. Many quilt pattern writers seem to love this program. One downside….there’s a huge learning curve (for me at least). It can also be expensive, but I homeschool my children and get huge discounts under Adobe’s Student/Teacher plan.

At first, I attempted to use a book I had purchased a short while back called Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book.



How quickly I remembered, I am a visual learner.  Videos are my friend! I searched and searched and found these tutorials by Tasty Tuts/Creative Tutorials by Gareth David. His tutorials are heaven sent. Here are some screen shots of my work while following along with those tutorials.

Finishing most of those videos, I feel more confident now to go through the book I purchased. My goals are to be able to use this program as well as others by Adobe to create quilt patterns. I have used EQ7 to design a few quilts. My very first blog post, Urgency to Create, has the first quilt I designed in it as well as sketches, quilt photo, and a photo of the quilt design in EQ7.

At this moment in time, I have to force myself to take a break. My brain is fried! lol My family probably thinks that my booty is glued to my office chair and probably wondering what’s for supper?!

What programs do you use to create quilt patterns? Any tips from any Ai users? If you use Ai, do you use a pen tablet?




8 thoughts on “Learning Curves”

    1. EQ7 is wonderful for designing quilts. I chose to use Adobe along with it to be able to create diagrams and patterns. I haven’t found a way yet to save the templates/patterns on EQ7 to be able to share. Adobe Illustrator is blowing my mind! In a good way. 😉


  1. Thank you for this post! I have recently done a bit more work on Ai and enjoy how powerful of a tool it is. I certainly don’t know much about it, but am excited to learn more.


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