Finding Happy

It’s hard to believe so many years have past and I didn’t touch a paint brush, an art pad, etc. I feel as though I have waisted so many years wandering around in the wilderness of blah. Many lessons were learned, negative experiences had blurred my vision. Everything happens for a reason? I’m still trying to figure out what the reason is/was.

Thankfully, zentangling and zendoodling found me this past year. My creative soul has been reawakened and it feels so good! Feeling like a child with ADD in a toy store, my senses are overwhelmed, and I am running around amazed by all of the choices in front of me. Do I sketch, paint, crochet, sew/quilt, and oh my goodness….there is thread art!! All of the choices make me happy, but which makes me the happiest?

Moving on…remember Dory? Stay with me…Maybe I should paint and/or stitch Dory..haha!

Sneaking in a little sewing time weekend before last, I pieced together the top from my last blog “Improvisational Piecing.” Jacquie Gerring’s methods are so inspiring and freeing. The purple represents my husband, and the orange represents myself.


Here is a close up of those points. I just love it when my points match up. Improv and OCD…hmmm. 


Since piecing this quilt top, I have not had the opportunity to sew so I do the next best thing…pull out my art pads, pencils, paints, etc. Drawing faces has always been a challenge, so…that is what I decided to tackle. Like many of you, I am my own worst critic. I see flaws in everything I do. Trying to shake this inner critic, I signed up for a class by Tamara Laporte called Life Book 2016. So, when Pearl (my sewing machine) can’t come out to play, this will be my creative medium of choice.

While creating these two pieces, I was happy. Finding happy and holding onto happy is my goal. Life is too short for anything else. What is your happy?
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8 thoughts on “Finding Happy”

  1. We must be sisters! I love Zendoodling and Zentangle…someday I want to go for CZT training….and I love to quilt! Your quilt is so cool! I just bought Quilting Modern…it is tugging at me to make something, but I have a couple of deadlines to meet first!


    1. Sisters from another mista!! Lol Ms Jacquie has a class on Craftsy called Improvisational Piecing. She’s a wonderful teacher. I would also love to take CZT training! Thank you for viewing my blog. 😉 I pm’d you on fb a day or so ago.


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