Improvisational Piecing

Improvisational Piecing by Ms. Jacquie Gering….how can I explain this Craftsy class and do it justice? For a newbie like myself, and maybe some of you who would like to delve into modern quilting, this class totally rocks!  Detailed and to the point, Ms. Jacquie radiates passion for modern quilting. Her teaching methods are wonderful and there’s a bonus…she has a pleasant voice and tone. There is thankfully no “vocal fry” at the end of her sentences.

After taking her class and reading her book Quilting Modern, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come to pull my machine out.


With little time to sew this past weekend (cause ya know, you have to prioritize), I did manage to prep some blocks. Ms. Gering’s methods on these flip-n-stitch blocks worked up really fast.


Don’t you just love Alison Glass fabrics?! You will also notice, I love grey! 


Fingers crossed I will have time to piece these blocks this upcoming weekend. We have a huge project going on at our house at the moment that may take some of my sewing time away. BUT…hint, hint…the result will make for more sewing time. 😁

5 thoughts on “Improvisational Piecing”

  1. Hi!

    I came across your blog while searching on instagram (it’s Shay, met at the store a yesterday) and I’m so happy I found it. Those colors are striking; I love gray paired with brights. Keep up the amazing work!


  2. I agree about Jacquie Gerring, I have the book and all three of her Craftsy classes, they are all excellent and she comes across as such a lovely person. I am so happy I can do spirals.


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