Hanging a Mini Quilt Without Screws

No hardware needed!! This past week, I completed a mini quilt. It is now hanging beautifully on my living room wall. Yay me!! And kudos to my hubby and sons for trimming the wood piece for me.

In the top corners of the  mini quilt, I glue basted two folded squares. Yes, I am a glue basting fool! Maybe it’s just the newbie in me looking for the easiest way, but it really keeps everything so nice and neat. I also added a strip to the center for extra support. After stitching the binding on, I slipped the precut piece of wood into place. And now for the easy peasy part….Command Strips! IMG_5621

I wiped the piece of wood down with rubbing alcohol first, let it dry and stuck two command strips onto it. Next, press two more pieces on, velcro side to velcro side.IMG_5622

The only thing left to do, is peal the paper off, center on the wall desired, and stick! That is it!


Because my hubby couldn’t fathom the thought of nail holes in our walls after he completely remodeled our living room, almost everything in our living room is hung by command strips.  Those strips save the day by keeping the walls hole free, plus, if the object is crooked, it’s easy to adjust. Fingers crossed, they are easily removed if the need arises. 😳


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