Glue Basting Crazi

Oh Elmer’s Washable School Glue, how I love you!! You make my points come out so crisp and clean!! This is now on my must have list for quilting, along with a Fineline applicator. Holy Crap! I just figured out how to add a link!! haha)

This week I worked on a mini quilt, titled Dancing Diamonds Mini Quilt. Yvonne Fuchs is the creator of the pattern I used. You can view the tutorial I followed here. Loads of fun, and quick to work up, I want to share a few things I have learned about matching up seams and points. I used Elmer’s Washable School Glue to glue all my seams together and pressed with a hot iron to set. When making the half square triangles, I put three specks of glue on the back side of the squares along the mark I made. Pressing the right sides of the fabrics together, the glue holds it in place long enough to stitch the .25″ seam on both sides. Some of you may choose to skip that step. OCD drives me to the limits at times. Using a bamboo skewer, I pop loose those little specks of glue and press the seams open. After all triangles are pressed and trimmed, I glue baste them together into rows.



By pressing each row in opposite directions, the seams nest together beautifully. The following photo shows rows glue basted together waiting to be stitched.


Does anyone else think trimmings are too cute to throw out?? I just know I will find a project for them. My finished mini quilt top is too cute. And to think I used to loathe the color yellow! By the way, black is not my friend. Lint is so visible, it makes lighter fabrics look dirty, not to mention I CAN’T SEE  when matching those seams! Plus, I just know it will show dust after hanging on my wall a bit. Guess that gives me more incentive to clean.  “A clean house = broken sewing machine.” ⬅️So true!  Back to the mini quilt. Here is the completed top. ⤵️


The only time glue was not used, was when I pin basted the sandwich layers together. Quilting time!



Ready for binding! And you guessed it, I glue basted it! From the front side, I stitched in the ditch s-l-o-w-l-y. I also cut my binding strips 2.25″ instead of 2.5.”


The stitches on the back look a bit wonky because I did go so slow. And… I realized AFTER everything was stitched, my backside fabric was not turned correctly. I will keep telling myself, nobody will see it on the back. However, I know it will scream my name every time I look at it.


Anywho….my play time is over for the week. Kids need to be fed, clothes need to be washed, and groceries need to be purchased. School starts back for us on Tuesday, so back under the cover my sewing machine goes. The dining room table turns into school desks for the weekdays.  Until next weekend….


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